Monday, 20 June 2011

Andrew Goodwin's Theory of Conventions of Music Videos

 The main theorist that I will relate to when creating my music video will be Andrew Goodwin. I learnt the various aspects that Andrew Goodwin stated were usually found in most music videos:

* A relationship between the visuals and the music - the editing and the pace of the video either amplifies, illustrates or challenges the music
* A relationship between the visuals and the lyrics - the visuals either amplify, illustrate or challenge the music* Intertextual references - references made to other media, such as films

* Voyeurism - the notion of looking, such as women put on display or screens within screens
* Close-ups of the artist - there is a demand from the record company for close ups and a focus on the artist to make them recognisable among the target audience
* Arist star image - in a combination of media products, the artist will develop their own iconography
* Genre iconography - particular genres might have a conventional style or icons

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